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100 Days - I Can Explain

pug-1209129_1920 I know, I know. It's been quiet around here lately. I could tell you all about the successes I've had but just didn't blog about. Or about all my good intentions. But the truth is, if I were in any kind of shape, I wouldn't need to bribe myself with a 100 day challenge that says fitness, but is mostly about the writing, would I?

So no, dear reader, I have not been working my little butt off while neglecting my blog. I've been writing a lot. And watching a fair bit of basketball. And writing some more. And gushing about fictional queer cartoon figure skaters. In short, here's a list:

  • I wrote a short story! One Night Stand functions as a prequel to my novel, The Pick Up. Is it really a prequel if it's more likely that One Night Stand will see the published light of day before The Pick Up? Whatever. I wrote it second, it's a prequel. If George Lucas can screw with timelines and release dates, so can I!
  • 3ecfb2e6bf12c8941f436552b6b1b5131481068207_fullI got myself addicted to Yuri On Ice. I'm going to gush more about YOI later this week, but let's just say that it's the queer anime figure skating outlet I didn't know I needed. You should try it too. Only two more episodes left before we all collectively lose our minds!
  • I'm plotting a new novel! Fallen (working title) is me dipping my toe into paranormal romance. I don't have a lot more to say about that, because it's literally just a bunch of unformatted bullet point notes in Scrivener right now, and I'm already pretty sure the first draft is going to be an inflated monster that will require months of heavy editing, but hey, if it sees the light of day, it's going to be epic.

So there you have it. Nary a work out to be had! I did do yoga last night and tonight, as I started to feel guilty for not blogging recently. I didn't want to come back empty handed. Hopefully your goals and resolutions have gone better than mine! The good news is, I've got three full time working days left in 2016, and after that it's just going to be writing and walking until my little heart bursts!

Here’s an apology haiku.

Not much working out Too many triple axels None of them are mine

100 Day Summary

Day 37— Accountability yoga Minutes today — 20 Total minutes —600

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100 Days - But I Don't Want To!

baby-1767958_1920.jpg Reasons I didn't want to work out today:

-It's Monday -It's frigging cold outside -I have other stuff I want to write

Reasons I worked out anyway:

-I'm a writer

So look. I'm not trying to be an Ironman. I don't have aspirations of  Olympic glory. Heck, I don't even plan to run a 5K next summer. I just want to get my body moving more than it would otherwise (which is to say, at all).

But somedays I just don't want to. I'm a writer before I'm any kind of athlete, which means the part of this challenge I like the best is this writing bit. And tonight there's other stuff that wants my attention. Characters. Meditations on what the heck my cat is staring at. When I don't want to do the writing, it's hard to find the motivation to do the work out.

But the thing about being a writer is sometimes it's just about powering through the stuff you don't want to do. Because if you skip it, avoid it, put it off until another day, soon that avoidance becomes a habit, and then you're not a writer anymore.

So I grabbed a new yoga routine, rolled out the mat, tried not to giggle while the cat licked my toes, and now I'm here. And just like powering through that sticky plot point, I feel better for it. Now excuse my while I got excise my plot bunnies so I can do better at this challenge tomorrow.

Here's a procrastination haiku (which I totally stole from a meme)

No no no no no No no no no no no no No no no no no

100 Day Summary

Day 15 — Unwilling yoga Minutes today — 20 Total minutes —420

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100 Days - Barnyard Edition

brown-216001_960_720 Reasons I didn't feel like working out today:

  1. See Saturday's post and how I feel about working out on weekends
  2. I went to the fair
  3. Tomorrow is Monday

Reasons I worked out anyway:

  1. I'm a writer

This morning, hubby and I got up and moving in reasonably short order, which is to say we were both dressed and showered by 9:30. Unheard of at our place on a Sunday. I've spent a lot of time this week talking about my fertility (see here and here), but don't think for a second that I don't appreciate the current luxury out kidlessness affords us in terms of the availability of lazy Sundays. I just hope it's not a permanent thing.

Why were we up? Right. Brevity is not my strong suit.

The agricultural winter fair is in town. It's a reminder that we don't all live in the big city. Watching teenagers square dance makes me think about how Trump got elected. It's a cultural study as much as it's an opportunity to see some handsome livestock.

Also, turkeys are huge. Did you know that?

The fair is awesome, but the walking is brutal. The slow museum shuffle as you move from sheep to sheep and wait for my 16-month-old niece to decide she's had enough of the chickens does terrible things to my hips and back. Technically, I could have counted it as today's work out. If I wore a Fitbit or something like that, it would have counted for thousands of steps, but honestly, I needed something else

So yoga it was. It's nice to have a routine I can always go back to. This one is especially excellent because it focuses on stretching out your hips and back, exactly what I need.

How was your weekend? What did you do to keep yourself fit so you can write a little more?

A workout poem:

The winter fair's the place to go Even if the walking is a bit slow The shuffling hurts my feet Among the sheaves of wheat As the Holsteins start to low

100 Day Summary  Day 7 — Yoga Minutes today — 35 Total minutes — 270

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The Humpiest of Hump Days

boxer-1562522_1920 Reasons I don't want to work out today:

  1. I had an epically craptacular day at the office.
  2. Donald Trump is going to be president.
  3. I spent all day thinking it was Friday, only to discover mid-afternoon it wasn't.

Reasons I worked out anyway:

  1. I'm a writer.

Normally, these are the kinds of days when I veg. I come home from work, make something simple and often spectacularly unhealthy for dinner, flip open my laptop, and type until I fall asleep.

I'm probably still going to do most of that, but first I'll do some yoga.

As a population, North Americans suck at yoga. It's a practice, not a form of exercise, but we'd rather attack it like a challenge. We're too busy trying to bend farther, stretch more. In the words of the Blue Man Group, we want to be the best at being relaxed!


Today wasn't a great day for being the best at anything, even being relaxed. But I did it anyway. My brain was so scattered I motored through most of the 35 minute program without really noticing, but the point is I still did it. I even feel a little noodly in my legs after.

No sweaty selfie this evening, but I did manage to get a picture of my trainer. He's not as cool as other people's trainers, and his methods are a bit unorthodox. He likes to lick my toes when I'm in downward dog to test my balance.


Here’s a writer’s workout poem for today.

I am the best at holding my breath while feline trainer licks my toes

How did you do today? Work out? Work out poem? Share them in the comments below!!

100 Day Summary Day 3 — Yoga Minutes today — 35 Total minutes — 115

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100 Days - Work Out Like A Writer

home-1730490_1920 Reasons I did not want to work out today:

  1. It's Monday.
  2. The clocks turned back this weekend, it was dark by the time I got home, and what I really wanted to do was hibernate.

Reasons I worked out anyway today:

  1. I'm a writer.

So look, I'm not an athlete. My mother was even kind enough to mention it in a speech at my wedding. I don't understand running and you'd have to bribe me with a basket of brie and baguette to get me on a bike.

But look, I'm an office drone by day and a writer by night. You know what that means? A lot of sitting. Like a lot a lot. Writing is awesome, but writing is brutal on your body. All that hunching over a keyboard. All that sitting in uncomfortably hard chairs at Starbucks, and in ergonomically unsound positions on the couch while the cat naps.

And every time I stand up from my desk or the couch or my car, and those little muscles in my low back start to cackle ominously, I worry. You know how I feel about back pain.

So here's what we're going to do. I resolve to get some form of physical exercise every day for 100 days.

Every day.

Even Christmas.

100 days from now is February 15. I'll be buff by Valentine's Day!

And if I don't work out, I'll write my feeble excuses here and you can all mock me. Or commiserate. I think that would be kinder. Even better than that though, is if you would join me. Doesn't have to be anything big. Take the dog for a walk. Vacuum for ten minutes. Anything is better than all this sitting. Then you can write some more!

So tonight. Monday. Dark. I did an easy one. I'm a yoga girl. Yoga is sort of the anti-running. To start slowly, I went with Do Yoga With Me's Bend and Stretch. If you like a little yoga and want something simple to ease into this whole thing, I recommend it. It's free, it's on YouTube, it really doesn't get more excuse-proof than that*.


It was pretty good actually. Considering the only effort I've been making to exercise lately is to park my car at work in the far end of the lot, it wasn't horrible. I'll do it again.

Here's a post-workout sweaty selfie to prove I did it. Don't mind the funhouse lighting. They call it corpse pose for a reason.


Since this is working out for writers, I'm going to end each post with a tiny writing exercise. Yoga feels like it needs a haiku:

Kneeling in child's pose Slow deep breaths in and back out Yoga on the floor

If you want to just do the writing, share a workout haiku in the comments below! And if you want to do more, resolve to do one active thing tomorrow, then come back here and tell me about it!

100 Day Summary Day 1 - Yoga Minutes today - 35 Total minutes - 35

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*ok, maybe you have excuses. Everyone exercises in a way that works for them. I'm not a doctor. Do what works for you.