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Work Out Like a Writer - In Squirrel Territory

img_0964Day 2 This is an abnormal November. Today's header picture was taken in front of my house today.

It's November.

In Canada.

This flower is very confused.

Also it's election day. Not in Canada. But we're worried about you. We're the little sister, perpetually on the honour roll, watching our super cool older brother crash and burn. It's like watching an episode of Intervention and already knowing the ending.

Point is, I knew there would be no exercise for me after work tonight because Wolf Blitzer needs me. So I scheduled a walk at lunch with a co-worker. She's been my walking buddy for over a year now, but lately our 'walks' lately have been more an intention than a reality. Intentions are good for writing and yoga. Less good for lunchtime walks.

We've got a great route. There's a beautiful park within easy distance from the office. It's got dog walkers, baby walkers, walker walkers (that would be us), and squirrels!

Don't get me started on squirrels. I get almost as giggly with them as I do with cats. But look at their little feet!!! The tails! The little hands, clutched in front of them like they want to borrow a cup of sugar!

fotorcreatedSuper cute.

img_0971Also we had Canada goose visitors. Geese freak me out, I don't care if it makes me a bad Canadian. This is not the biggest issue of patriotism facing today.

So it was a good walk. Took a little over 45 minutes. It would have taken less time if I hadn't gone all National Geographic on the local wildlife.

I suspect I  might undo all my lunchtime good work with election night madness tonight. Hubby had the day off today, and he made us an Election Night Feast (TM) with Wisconsin cheese, steak, crab cakes, three kinds of beer, sweet potatoes (the state vegetable of North Carolina, apparently) and key lime pie. But this challenge is a long term thing. I'm not going to beat myself up if it takes a few weeks to start some new habits :)

Here's a writer's workout poem for today.

There once were two walkers from the office. In the park, the squirrels are the softest. The geese sometimes hiss, I'll give them a miss. Come on America, you've got this!

Happy election day folks!

100 Day Summary Day 2 — Lunchtime park walk Minutes today — 45 Total minutes — 80

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