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Late Nights in Bookstores

I'm having a book hangover. Unfortunately the source is said hangover is my own book. You guys, I'm plotting out The Set Up, and while I'm excited for all the sexy juice bar goodness (and you should be too), I really miss the guys from The Hang Up and the cozy world of their bookstore. And then the Facebook gods bestowed this little gem on me, and you should all watch it right now!


I saw this video five years ago, and it's just as magical today. This bookstore is even in Toronto! I might go check it out and pretend Seb is lurking just behind the next shelf!

What's the last book that gave you a hangover?


August Rundown

julia-raasch-143428.jpg Holy hell. Was that all one month? It seems impossible that five weeks ago I was technically an unsigned author, and now this. In case you missed all the excitement (or in case I wonder why I'm exhausted), here's a rundown of the things that happened this month.

  • August started a few days early when I signed my contract with Riptide on July 21. They wanted an MS to start editing by August 9, and thus writing went into overdrive.
  • I accidentally set a sweet potato on fire in the microwave, and thus the meet cute for Red Creek book 4 (assuming I survive writing books 1-3 and Riptide lets me write book 4) was born.
  • I started and finished my #10daysto20k challenge, surpassing all expectations by crossing the 30k mark on The Hang Up
  • I went on to write a total of 46,000 words on The Hang Up, Seb and Martin's story. How many of those words see the light of publication remains to be seen.
  • I read Wolfsong at 2 am and proceeded to swoon over Ox and Joe for weeks.
  • I accidentally started a book club. The results (as seen on my Facebook page) were hilarious and Canadian and we are definitely going to do it again.
  • Edits arrived from Riptide (already!?) and I have re-read the Pick Up, Kyle and Adam's story, three times this week. You're going to love them both so much. (If you haven't been formally introduced, you can meet Kyle here, and Adam here). Also, I am in awe of editors and the things they can see in what I thought was an otherwise pretty shiny manuscript.
  • After months (okay, years) of prodding from friends and co-workers, I started listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno. I think there's a blog post coming about it, especially about what it's bad for indie authors, but as a piece of entertainment, it's hilarious and you should all listen, but only with headphones and after the kids have gone to bed.
  • I got my first ever piece of fan mail (see Twitter for my squeeing)! You're all awesome!

For non-writing events, I also made three different kinds of jam, survived terrifying summer storms, went to a food and musical festival and a soccer game with my husband, managed to hang on to my day job for yet another month, and watched in horror as white supremacists marched through parts of the US and Hurricane Harvey put much of coastal Texas underwater.

These are the reasons I'm exhausted. One can only wait to see what September will bring! So far, more edits, more writing, a football game, headshots, and prep for GRL!