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Get Going Down for Free

Hey, who’s that over on the Prolific Works blog today?

Going Down is a short gay romance featuring the sexiest game of Truth or Dare ever played in an elevator.

The last place that Lucas Sanderson wants to be is his ten-year high school reunion. Nothing has changed. The bullies are still bullies. The headmaster is still stuck in the last century. And Bentley ‘Call me Ben’ Hammersmith IV is still so charming Lucas can’t even be mad at him for forgetting Lucas’s name.
All he has to do is give a speech, have a few drinks, and then he can get the hell out one last time.
Of course, what happens next involves beautiful Ben, an elevator with no power, a call center with no clue, and a game of Truth or Dare not even Lucas could see coming. Never has he ever had a night like this one.

Grab your copy now.