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Keeping it Real on Release Day

My book: out today!

My car: won't start :(

Funny story, one of my favourite places to write is in the customer lounge at the car dealership. It's so peaceful. There's good wi-fi, bad TV, and no one to disturb you unless you count the guy who is trying to upsell you on a cabin air filter, and that's usually pretty brief. My favourite thing to do is to write the sexy bits while I wait for an oil change. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's as close to exhibitionism as I'm comfortable getting. I wrote Kyle and Adam's first kiss at the dealership. Their first love scene too.

Today though. I did not plan to do any writing at the dealership. Or to do any writing at all. I planned to lurk on social media for all the release day feels. Then I was going to have lunch with a friend. Do a little work this afternoon. Then dinner with Mr. Temple. Huzzah! A special day.

You know what curbs many of those plans?

Having your car towed when it won't get its act together on a Monday morning.

It's not even that cold out today!

Anyway. If you've read The Pick Up, you know Kyle's van is a beast with unpredictable functionality. Maybe I'm just going for the truly authentic release day experience.

If you haven't read The Pick Up, you can get it from Riptide, or click here for the other retailers. I hope you like it.

I'll just be here, keeping it real!

The Pick Up

Another excerpt from my trip to the bank.

"How long have you been a writer?"

"Well, I mean, I think people who are writers, it's always something they've done. You know? There's always a history. Bad poetry, terrible short stories and-"

"No. It's for the computer. I have to put a start date for your job."


What do I tell him? Is it the day I started writing The Pick Up? The day I finished it and decided it was something I might try to publish?

In the end, I gave him the date last July when I signed my contract with Riptide. I was a writer long before there was a document with terms and conditions on it that said other people thought I was a writer too.

Today though. Today will always be special. Today is the day The Pick Up is released into the world, so today is the day you all find out I'm a writer too.

I hope you read Kyle and Adam's story. I really hope you like it. I'd love to hear from you. More importantly, I hope others hear from you. This industry is so dependent on word of mouth. So if you read it (even if you don't love my guys as much as I do), leave a review. On Amazon, Goodreads, your blog, or just with your book club. There's more Red Creek coming. You want people to join in the fun, don't you?

If you don't have a copy of The Pick Up yet, you can get all ebook formats and hard copies direct from Riptide, or from you favourite online retailer.

Thanks for reading!


The Big One

jon-tyson-195064.jpg Well, here it is. The big news. I've been a lousy blogger, but that's because every week, when I think about writing, I think 'no. You'll be able to tell them soon. Just give it a few more days'.

And now I can tell you!

Starting in 2018, the Red Creek series (yes, SERIES!!) will be published by Riptide Publishing!

Fo realz y'all!! We'll start with Kyle and Adam (and Princess-Astronaut Caroline). Editing starts in a couple weeks, and then I get to write my brains out for a year to get two more stories turned in!

Go big or go home, right?

Can't wait for you to meet everyone :) And don't forget to sign up for my mailing list so you can get updates on releases, excerpts, and other awesomeness!

Meet Adam

ae8cb60ac63b397f5f834a171b431f44 Alli here. Getting Adam to introduce himself has been like pulling teeth. He's a pretty private guy and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to know more about him. I couldn't convince him to write an introduction like Kyle did, but he agreed to be interviewed.

Allison T: Hi Adam. I'm glad you finally agreed to do this.

Adam H: I don't remember agreeing. Did Rebecca put you up to this?

AT: Actually I haven't talked to your sister in a while.

AH: ...

AT: ...

AH: ...

AT: Ok. Maureen thought this would be good for you. People want to know about you.

AH: ...

AT: Ok! So, moving on. You're a teacher, right?

AH: (sighing) Yeah. I teach first grade at Red Creek Elementary.

AT: That must be interesting.

AH: It's a good job. I used to teach middle school, but I find teaching the primary grades to be more gratifying.

AT: Why's that?

AH: Teens and preteens these days are really worldly. They've all got a smart phone and think they know everything.  It's hard to reach them, as a teacher. But I tell a six-year-old that a tomato is a fruit instead of a vegetable, and she thinks I'm a genius.

AT: So you got into teaching for the fame and glory, is that what you're saying?

AH: (laughing) Isn't that why we do anything? No, I got into it for the same reasons most people do. I liked kids, liked helping people. I got a job right out of college teaching at a private school. It seemed really glamorous but...

AT: But?

AH: I like it at Red Creek better.

AT: Do you want to talk about the private school? That sounds pretty cool.

AH: No.



AT: Got any student hall of shame stories you want to share?

AH: You know, kids are just doing their best. Sometimes they do stuff that I have to wonder about though. There was this one student in my class last year, she asked to go to the bathroom. When she hadn't come back ten minutes later, I had to go look for her. I found her in the cloakroom, eating snacks out of other student's lunch bags.

AT: (laughing) Oh my goodness!! Really? What did she say when you caught her?

AH: (laughing too) She said she thought it was recess. I'm still not sure how that's a reasonable answer.

AT: Got a favorite student this year?

AH: We're not supposed to have favorites.

AT: The 'supposed to' seems important here.

AH: Well there's one. I wouldn't say she's my favorite but...Actually it's weird. She's my newest student. She just started a few weeks ago. Who starts their kid at a new school in May?

AT: Witness protection?

AH: Probably. (laughs) Her name's Caroline. My uncle's second wife's name is Caroline. Who names their kid Caroline these days?

AT: And I say again, witness protection?

AH: Right. Well she's new. And she's the only Caroline I've taught after years of Sophias and Emmas and Isabellas. And I don't know who buys her clothes, but she's way too young to be rocking a White Stripes t-shirt.

AT: How very 1999 of her.

AH: Yeah.

AT: So that's your job. Got anything else you want to share with the readers?

AH: Like what?

AT: I don't know. Family anecdotes? Hobbies?

AH: Stamp collecting?

AT: Really?

AH: No.

AT: Are you married? Seeing someone?




AT: How do you feel about moo-shu pork?

AH: What's that?

AT: Never mind.

Well there you have it folks. Adam Hathaway is one tough nut to crack. I know he's popular with the soccer mom set at Red Creek Elementary, but they haven't worn him down yet. He's a catch for someone though. Just have to find that someone! Any takers?