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The A-List (now in Europe!)

The A-List In my other life, I work in marketing. We take things like anti-spam legislation seriously. So the EU is launching new privacy legislation on May 25 and what it boils down to is that if you're in Europe, I need you to explicitly sign up to receive emails from me. Even if  you're already on my list, I need you to sign up again. And since my email list is set up in such a way that I have no idea if you're in Europe or not, I basically need you all to sign up again.

Privacy is important, so while this is a PITA, I understand the motivation and am doing my best to be compliant. Please know that I will only ever email you book-related news, giveaways and announcements. I will never give or sell your information to anyone else. In exchange, all I'm asking you to do is clicky click the link and follow the super simple, super quick instructions.





Teaser What a week! We could all use a little happy, don't you think?

I've set up a new Facebook group, Allison's A-List. We're going to have themes. Man Crush Monday...Teaser Tuesday...

Freebie Friday!

I've got a thing. My publication schedule is all blown to hell, so the thing was going to come out in April, but after the week we just had, let's have it today!

A-List members get it first. That's how an A-List works*.

If you read and liked The Pick Up, but had a very specific criticism in your reviews about about gaps in a certain single dad's backstory, you're going to want to join us!

*If Facebook isn't your thing, I get it. We can't all be slaves to Zuckerberg. This surprise thing will be available to the general public on Monday. But wouldn't it be nice to have something short and sweet for your weekend?