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I am Not a Man

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How much of myself is in my writing?

(this post is based on the Marketing for Romance Writers 52 Week Challenge)

I mean . . . I write romance novels about male couples so . . .

I write about small towns. I grew up in one. None of my novelized small towns are geographically the same as my hometown, but some of the quirks are transported.

I have never been a single parent to a princess-obsessed six-year-old.

The part where my characters face adversity and soldier on by themselves? Yeah, that's probably me.

The part where they admit their true feelings in a gooey rush? Not so much.

The part where they love intensely but have to find their own inner peace. Yeah, hi. The basis of that is probably first-hand experience.

The part where Martin frantically tries to be brave while simultaneously doing mental gymnastics on how he could survive a million worst case scenarios? All me.

The part where characters make random references to Doctor Who? Never seen it.

Don't @ me.