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The View from Here (10 Days to 20k, Day 6)

IMG_0108.JPG That sound you hear? The Jaws-theme-like music of something creeping up ominously behind you? That's me, creeping up on my goal with shark-like determination. I'm seriously so close I want to write 200 more words just so I can say I completed my challenge in six days, but I stopped in a good place where it should be fairly easy to pick up tomorrow, so it's probably better if I just stand here, Peter Pan style, with my legs apart and my hands on my hips, looking dead proud at what I've accomplished.

I don't think I've ever written so many words so fast in my entire life. I'm going to try to hit 30k before I get home next Monday. If I could take a couple more weeks off, I'd probably finish this draft completely, but let's not get too silly right?

Here's the thing: Thank god for my synopsis. When I plot, I write out every single scene in a list. Just 2-3 sentences per scene, so I know what happens next. Sometimes I move them around. Sometimes I get to that part of the story and realize that scene doesn't make sense or isn't needed anymore. Sometimes I go off-road for a couple scenes before I find my way back.

But the synopsis means when I'm drafting fast, I never have to stop to figure out what happens next, because I already did that months ago.

I know writers have different feelings about outlines and plotting, but I honestly don't know how you could write a usable first draft if you don't do some up front planning work. If you're one of those people who can, please, share your wizardry with me!

PS - today there was some actual kissing! Yes, despite the fact that I write romances, sometimes it takes my characters FOREVER to get around to actual kissing. I'm hovering at the 50k mark, and this is the first lip lock. I promise it will happen faster by the time you get to read this.

10 Days to 20k Summary Day: 6 Words Written Today: 5,045 Total Words Written: 19,843 Words Left: 157 Percent Complete: 99%