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2017 - More of the Good Stuff

I mostly suck at New Year's resolutions. There was the year I resolved to read more books. That went pretty well. But most years, good intentions, hell, you know how it goes. As you can tell by the progress on my 100 day workout challenge, big goals that are out of my norm often get left by the wayside. So instead of setting new resolutions, I went back through 2016 and picked the things I enjoyed the most that I want to keep doing.


Write More

Well obviously. That's kind of the point, isn't it? I'm drafting now, so the goal is 3500 words a week. 100% doable. I did it between May and September without fail last year and got the Blue Vixen draft done.

Other writing? Sure. Blogging? Yup. More sad essays about infertility? Hopefully positive essays about how our adoption adventure has a happy ending instead, but we'll see. I can't predict that one. Smutty one shots for my tiny but adoring fanbase when the mood strikes? Probably those too. I'm gonna write a lot this year.

Relax More

Last year, I took time off. We traveled to Boston and Newfoundland. I went to two writer's retreats. I spent a lazy weekend on the river with my parents and my nephew. But on December 1st, I had three weeks of vacation left to use up at my day job. Three! First World Problems, I know. And I didn't even use them all, which means I've rolled over into 2017 with an extra week, leaving me over five weeks to use this year.

I enjoy my job (see the next goal), but I'm going to try to be there (just slightly) less this year. I've got a writer's weekend planned in February, and another in June. Maybe one in April too? It involves a plane ride to Nevada, but it sounds pretty cool. I'm going to do these, and I'm not going to rush out of the office at the last minute to get there. Take the day, drive the long way. That's the plan.

Also, if you have a cottage with a spare bed in the months of July or August, let me know. I'll bring the wine.

Work More(-ish)


Look, writing is the thing that keeps me up at night, but work is the thing that pays the bills so I have the luxury to stay up at night worrying about writing.

Fortunately, I have a good job. It's a tough job, but it's a good one. Sometimes I even get to write for it. I have a great boss who knows when I'm freaking out but don't want admit it. I have a great team who seem to think I know what I'm doing. We're hiring and taking on a bunch of new locations. They're going to need me there. It's going to be an exciting year. So I'm going to keep going to the office every day, and working hard for the people who believe in me (and who finance my writing habit and those nifty trips mentioned above).

Hang Out More

I wrote last year about how I seem to have made friends in spite of myself. I just spent more than two weeks on vacation, and the first week was jammed with people who wanted to see me. Me? Lazy, sometimes grumpy, often bossy, but the best damn trivia partner you ever had, me? Weird.

A week of daily social obligations was a bit much, and I have since overcompensated by not leaving the house except to run over to the convenience store for crackers on New Year's Eve. But, the truth is, I like these people. They seem to like me. I can't be a hermit 100% of the time, and my persona as marketing manager extraordinaire needs an occasional break. So I'm going to spend more time with the people I like this year. Just a little more time.

There's my plan. No resolutions. Just more of the same. Doable, right?

What do you want to do more of this year?