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100 Days - I Fell Off the Wagon

girl-1220291_1920.jpg Oops. No blogging. Not much exercise. For three days. Sorry about that. I'd blame Thanksgiving, but I'm not American. But I do blame my family.

Wednesday was my brother's birthday. I guess technically there was some exercise in the form of frantic house cleaning on Wednesday morning before company arrived. Weight Watchers lets you count things like vacuuming and mopping as light exercise, and I'm going to go with that. At the very least, being hunched over the bathtub trying to scrub that far corner should be classified as torture.

Thursday I got some actual steps in the form of everyone's favourite back-breaking slow museum shuffle for 3 1/2 hours as my mom and I cruised our traditional Christmas craft show. Chocolates were purchased. Salted caramel chocolates to be specific. They will offsite any fitness goodwill I earned with our slow and steady walk, but they're going to be totally worth it. Also, we got my Christmas tree decorated, which involved another hour of slow and steady movement, and lots of good core exercises as I try not to piss off my back while bending down to pick up yet another tiny glass ball. family is exhausting. Getting off the couch for bed will be my next significant activity. I spent the whole day at work in meetings, I still have an hour or two of reporting to do and you know what? I'm going to lie here and read a book instead.

How have you been? Turkey coma wear off? Go for a Black Friday walk today?

Here's a workout poem to lift your spirits (or mine, anyway).

When your workouts are flaggin' And your heels you're draggin' The turkey's all gone It's time to move on Before your muscles start saggin'

100 Day Summary

Day 19— Playing catch up Minutes today — 0 (but I'm going estimate 90 for the last few days) Total minutes —510

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