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100 Days - Back in the Saddle


I fell off the blogging train there for a minute. I've been out a lot of nights. The good news is, in a reversal from most of last week, I have actually been getting some exercise. The writer work outs are back in the saddle!!

Friday was unseasonably warm. Like stupid warm. Like 18 degrees (that's 64 for you Fahrenheit types) stupid warm. In November. In Canada.

Needless to say, I took a walk at lunch, and regretted bringing my coat while I did it.

Last night was my office holiday party. We aren't allowed to call it Christmas party, despite decor that includes festively decorated trees (those ain't Hanukkah bushes!) and a dinner soundtrack that includes Charlie Brown, Mariah Carey, and the whole seasonal crew.

If it's not a Christmas party, what exactly do you think is happening?

Anyway, the party is always a good time, and I mostly go for the dancing. I can't say that I count minutes for dancing, that seems like overthinking the whole thing, but let's say it was an hour? In any case, it was great to get moving again. I think we can safely say this cold is behind me and hopefully it will be a long time before the next one makes an appearance.

Here's a weekend workout poem:

After leaves fall Before snow flies Take deep breaths And get outside!

100 Day Summary

Day 12 & 13 — A little walking, a little dancing. Minutes today — 90 Total minutes — 360

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