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100 Days - Barnyard Edition

brown-216001_960_720 Reasons I didn't feel like working out today:

  1. See Saturday's post and how I feel about working out on weekends
  2. I went to the fair
  3. Tomorrow is Monday

Reasons I worked out anyway:

  1. I'm a writer

This morning, hubby and I got up and moving in reasonably short order, which is to say we were both dressed and showered by 9:30. Unheard of at our place on a Sunday. I've spent a lot of time this week talking about my fertility (see here and here), but don't think for a second that I don't appreciate the current luxury out kidlessness affords us in terms of the availability of lazy Sundays. I just hope it's not a permanent thing.

Why were we up? Right. Brevity is not my strong suit.

The agricultural winter fair is in town. It's a reminder that we don't all live in the big city. Watching teenagers square dance makes me think about how Trump got elected. It's a cultural study as much as it's an opportunity to see some handsome livestock.

Also, turkeys are huge. Did you know that?

The fair is awesome, but the walking is brutal. The slow museum shuffle as you move from sheep to sheep and wait for my 16-month-old niece to decide she's had enough of the chickens does terrible things to my hips and back. Technically, I could have counted it as today's work out. If I wore a Fitbit or something like that, it would have counted for thousands of steps, but honestly, I needed something else

So yoga it was. It's nice to have a routine I can always go back to. This one is especially excellent because it focuses on stretching out your hips and back, exactly what I need.

How was your weekend? What did you do to keep yourself fit so you can write a little more?

A workout poem:

The winter fair's the place to go Even if the walking is a bit slow The shuffling hurts my feet Among the sheaves of wheat As the Holsteins start to low

100 Day Summary  Day 7 — Yoga Minutes today — 35 Total minutes — 270

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