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100 Days - Yard Work Jedi, Episode II

photo-1457978064644-ac327d69ad15.jpg Reasons I didn't want to work out today:

  1. It's Saturday
  2. I was up way too late last night for no good reason.
  3. My arms are sore from yesterday's leaf blowing adventures.

Reasons I worked out today?

  1. I'm a writer

Weekends, weirdly, are the worst for me when it comes to working out. I work hard all week, and the idea of making myself do anything I don't want to do on the weekend (which is to say, doing anything other than writing or nothing), is hard. It was very tempting to just do nothing today.

But I promised you all I'd report my failures as well as my successes, and I'd rather report successes, so I finished the second half of my Jedi epic.

The backyard is slightly more complicated than the front yard. It's got things like a deck and a fence that make the fight against the leaf monsters more strategic. So the process is, blow leaves into piles, rake them onto a tarp, haul the tarp out the front yard and add them to the growing piles for the city to collect. So while the area I had to rake was smaller, it took more effort to get it done. I get more cardio credit than yesterday for sure.

Here's the before


The in-between, featuring my yoga trainer


And the after.


Yes, there are still leaves off to one side there. That's the garden. Leaves stay there until the spring to protect the plants from the cold. Also, the soil in our neighbourhood sucks, so a little mulch is always appreciated.

My arms are all wobbly from two days of lugging the blower around. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow, but it's not going to involve my biceps much.

It makes me a bit sad to see my back porch packed up for winter. It's where I did all my writing this summer. That draft's been done for a couple months, but I miss those hot lazy summer nights. Still proud I got outside on a dopey fall Saturday though.

Here's today's workout haiku

Yellow gold blanket Putting my garden to sleep Ready for winter

100 Day Summary  Day 6 — Leaf blowing part deux Minutes today — 60 Total minutes — 235

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