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100 Days - The Yard Work Jedi

magic-1688274_1920My fellow Ninja Writer Erika already wrote about yard work this week. Her style is much more sophisticated than mine. There are no red Solo cups in my post. But I'm going to let you in on a  little secret... I'm a yard work Jedi.

Hubby and I bought our house six years ago this month. I don't have the real estate listing anymore, but I'm sure it said things like 'large lot' and 'established neighbourhood' and 'mature trees'. These are all desirable things when purchasing a home.

Or are they?

In theory, mature trees are a selling feature. Too many new subdivisions in our city are populated with spindly little trees that look like they were planted as an afterthought and generally die in the first three winters after too much road salt gets sprayed on them. Mature trees mean I got to spend my whole summer on the back porch, working on the Blue Vixen without needing to paste myself in sunblock. Mature trees mean we have privacy even though our giant south facing windows are basically a house-sized fish bowl.

Mature trees mean a lot of leaves.


This is the front yard. The bag yard is smaller but has more leaves. By the time they've all come down, the back yard is like a leaf swimming pool. In total, when we used to bag them, we'd do about 30 bags in the fall, and another 10 in the spring.

Mature trees my ass.

Fortunately, my dad bought me a leaf blower for my birthday last year (he knows what his little girl likes), and now I have magic powers! I am a leaf blowing Jedi.

If you've never used a leaf blower, it's hilarious and awesome, and you'll wonder why you ever bothered with rakes. You just point the blower, and they swirl away like the Force is pushing back their assault on your house. It takes a little practice, sometimes you get overexcited and wind up blowing stuff all over the place. You can't let the magic control you, you must control it!

As a side note, someone asked me where I get my ideas from this week. This is where I get my ideas from. I start leaf blowing, and my imagination decides I must have super powers, the leaves in the yard are attacking my house, and the way they swirl back out to the curb means there's a leaf monster under their fleeing my Jedi-tastic onslaught.

The front yard took an hour, including a little raking after the fact to tidy up the piles. Raking and bagging used to take six to eight hours, so this is excellent. The city comes to collect them sometime in the next two weeks. I just have to hope for no south wind between now and then to blow them all back into my yard. My piles are sturdy, hopefully they hold.


See, it's like a big long leaf barricade protecting my property from invaders.

I know some of you will argue that leaf blowing isn't a real workout, and it's certainly not up there on the cardio scale, but after an hour, that leaf blower is frigging heavy, and it uses all those core muscles to keep everything under control while you work, kinda like mopping or vacuuming, so I'm going to count it!

What did you get up to? Leave a comment below and share. Writers who work out gotta stick together!

Here's a yard work poem for today:

A property blessed with old trees Will someday bring you to your knees Leaves cover the grass Curb appeal my ass Now stay where I've piled you, please.

100 Day Summary  Day 5 — Jedi-tastic leaf blowing Minutes today — 60 Total minutes — 175

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