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100 Days - Not Quite Over the Hump

15027617_364428950565090_8111184924492848689_n I didn't work out tonight.

Some nights are like that.

Last weekend I wrote about how much infertility sucks. It's gotten a huge response. I felt pretty proud of myself. Then something happened last night, that bled into today, and it made it impossible for me to sit or think or do much of anything besides check my phone a million times in twenty minutes, willing little notification bubbles to appear when they just wouldn't. I can't talk about it yet. Maybe in another post.

Infertility sucks, the last twenty-four hours have been a roller coaster, and I really don't like roller coasters. So I didn't work out. Hubby's making me dinner. I have a blanket, a cat, and hopefully something alcoholic in my hand in short order.

Here's a non-workout poem for today:

They say workouts are great for stress relief For those days that test faith and belief I'm stuck in my head I can't wait for bed Dinner is Asian noodle soup and beef.

Not my finest. Maybe you can do better? If you've got a workout poem, share it below!

100 Day Summary  Day 4 — Nada Minutes today — 0 Total minutes — 115

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