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The Humpiest of Hump Days

boxer-1562522_1920 Reasons I don't want to work out today:

  1. I had an epically craptacular day at the office.
  2. Donald Trump is going to be president.
  3. I spent all day thinking it was Friday, only to discover mid-afternoon it wasn't.

Reasons I worked out anyway:

  1. I'm a writer.

Normally, these are the kinds of days when I veg. I come home from work, make something simple and often spectacularly unhealthy for dinner, flip open my laptop, and type until I fall asleep.

I'm probably still going to do most of that, but first I'll do some yoga.

As a population, North Americans suck at yoga. It's a practice, not a form of exercise, but we'd rather attack it like a challenge. We're too busy trying to bend farther, stretch more. In the words of the Blue Man Group, we want to be the best at being relaxed!


Today wasn't a great day for being the best at anything, even being relaxed. But I did it anyway. My brain was so scattered I motored through most of the 35 minute program without really noticing, but the point is I still did it. I even feel a little noodly in my legs after.

No sweaty selfie this evening, but I did manage to get a picture of my trainer. He's not as cool as other people's trainers, and his methods are a bit unorthodox. He likes to lick my toes when I'm in downward dog to test my balance.


Here’s a writer’s workout poem for today.

I am the best at holding my breath while feline trainer licks my toes

How did you do today? Work out? Work out poem? Share them in the comments below!!

100 Day Summary Day 3 — Yoga Minutes today — 35 Total minutes — 115

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