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100 Days - Work Out Like A Writer

home-1730490_1920 Reasons I did not want to work out today:

  1. It's Monday.
  2. The clocks turned back this weekend, it was dark by the time I got home, and what I really wanted to do was hibernate.

Reasons I worked out anyway today:

  1. I'm a writer.

So look, I'm not an athlete. My mother was even kind enough to mention it in a speech at my wedding. I don't understand running and you'd have to bribe me with a basket of brie and baguette to get me on a bike.

But look, I'm an office drone by day and a writer by night. You know what that means? A lot of sitting. Like a lot a lot. Writing is awesome, but writing is brutal on your body. All that hunching over a keyboard. All that sitting in uncomfortably hard chairs at Starbucks, and in ergonomically unsound positions on the couch while the cat naps.

And every time I stand up from my desk or the couch or my car, and those little muscles in my low back start to cackle ominously, I worry. You know how I feel about back pain.

So here's what we're going to do. I resolve to get some form of physical exercise every day for 100 days.

Every day.

Even Christmas.

100 days from now is February 15. I'll be buff by Valentine's Day!

And if I don't work out, I'll write my feeble excuses here and you can all mock me. Or commiserate. I think that would be kinder. Even better than that though, is if you would join me. Doesn't have to be anything big. Take the dog for a walk. Vacuum for ten minutes. Anything is better than all this sitting. Then you can write some more!

So tonight. Monday. Dark. I did an easy one. I'm a yoga girl. Yoga is sort of the anti-running. To start slowly, I went with Do Yoga With Me's Bend and Stretch. If you like a little yoga and want something simple to ease into this whole thing, I recommend it. It's free, it's on YouTube, it really doesn't get more excuse-proof than that*.


It was pretty good actually. Considering the only effort I've been making to exercise lately is to park my car at work in the far end of the lot, it wasn't horrible. I'll do it again.

Here's a post-workout sweaty selfie to prove I did it. Don't mind the funhouse lighting. They call it corpse pose for a reason.


Since this is working out for writers, I'm going to end each post with a tiny writing exercise. Yoga feels like it needs a haiku:

Kneeling in child's pose Slow deep breaths in and back out Yoga on the floor

If you want to just do the writing, share a workout haiku in the comments below! And if you want to do more, resolve to do one active thing tomorrow, then come back here and tell me about it!

100 Day Summary Day 1 - Yoga Minutes today - 35 Total minutes - 35

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*ok, maybe you have excuses. Everyone exercises in a way that works for them. I'm not a doctor. Do what works for you.