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Meet Adam

ae8cb60ac63b397f5f834a171b431f44 Alli here. Getting Adam to introduce himself has been like pulling teeth. He's a pretty private guy and couldn't imagine why anyone would want to know more about him. I couldn't convince him to write an introduction like Kyle did, but he agreed to be interviewed.

Allison T: Hi Adam. I'm glad you finally agreed to do this.

Adam H: I don't remember agreeing. Did Rebecca put you up to this?

AT: Actually I haven't talked to your sister in a while.

AH: ...

AT: ...

AH: ...

AT: Ok. Maureen thought this would be good for you. People want to know about you.

AH: ...

AT: Ok! So, moving on. You're a teacher, right?

AH: (sighing) Yeah. I teach first grade at Red Creek Elementary.

AT: That must be interesting.

AH: It's a good job. I used to teach middle school, but I find teaching the primary grades to be more gratifying.

AT: Why's that?

AH: Teens and preteens these days are really worldly. They've all got a smart phone and think they know everything.  It's hard to reach them, as a teacher. But I tell a six-year-old that a tomato is a fruit instead of a vegetable, and she thinks I'm a genius.

AT: So you got into teaching for the fame and glory, is that what you're saying?

AH: (laughing) Isn't that why we do anything? No, I got into it for the same reasons most people do. I liked kids, liked helping people. I got a job right out of college teaching at a private school. It seemed really glamorous but...

AT: But?

AH: I like it at Red Creek better.

AT: Do you want to talk about the private school? That sounds pretty cool.

AH: No.



AT: Got any student hall of shame stories you want to share?

AH: You know, kids are just doing their best. Sometimes they do stuff that I have to wonder about though. There was this one student in my class last year, she asked to go to the bathroom. When she hadn't come back ten minutes later, I had to go look for her. I found her in the cloakroom, eating snacks out of other student's lunch bags.

AT: (laughing) Oh my goodness!! Really? What did she say when you caught her?

AH: (laughing too) She said she thought it was recess. I'm still not sure how that's a reasonable answer.

AT: Got a favorite student this year?

AH: We're not supposed to have favorites.

AT: The 'supposed to' seems important here.

AH: Well there's one. I wouldn't say she's my favorite but...Actually it's weird. She's my newest student. She just started a few weeks ago. Who starts their kid at a new school in May?

AT: Witness protection?

AH: Probably. (laughs) Her name's Caroline. My uncle's second wife's name is Caroline. Who names their kid Caroline these days?

AT: And I say again, witness protection?

AH: Right. Well she's new. And she's the only Caroline I've taught after years of Sophias and Emmas and Isabellas. And I don't know who buys her clothes, but she's way too young to be rocking a White Stripes t-shirt.

AT: How very 1999 of her.

AH: Yeah.

AT: So that's your job. Got anything else you want to share with the readers?

AH: Like what?

AT: I don't know. Family anecdotes? Hobbies?

AH: Stamp collecting?

AT: Really?

AH: No.

AT: Are you married? Seeing someone?




AT: How do you feel about moo-shu pork?

AH: What's that?

AT: Never mind.

Well there you have it folks. Adam Hathaway is one tough nut to crack. I know he's popular with the soccer mom set at Red Creek Elementary, but they haven't worn him down yet. He's a catch for someone though. Just have to find that someone! Any takers?