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Catholic Girls and Ballroom Dancing

My French Canadian mom always said you could tell when there were Catholic girls in the room, because they would dance with each other when there were no boys to dance with. It's a saying from a  bygone era, but then, maybe dancing with an opposite gendered partner is too.

The TED talk below made its rounds on my FB feed this week. The timing is fortuitous, because I just started reading Heidi Cullinan's Dance with Me, which also features a same sex dancing couple. In my head, they don't quite look like the two fellows in this video, but they are, as Trevor and Jeff say, learning the fine art of taking care of each other.

I think this is the thing that attracted me to M/M romance, back when I discovered it about five years ago. Heidi's books were one of the first I read. I'll post a review of this one when I finish reading it, but my thoughts in gay romance have remained the same. Books where we get to watch two men love and take care of each other are (pardon the pun) novel. Reading them, and writing them, is intoxicating sometimes, a glimpse into a secret world that I don't see in mainstream media.

I'll talk more about this a lot, I expect, as I continue to tweak and query The Pick Up, and move on to other stories, but what this video has to say about seeing what's not there is so important.

Happy weekend and happy reading everyone!!


[ted id=2602]